Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reading Action Program, Engaging Youth and Relieving Hunger by Pwani Club

On 14th September, Pwani celebrated Literacy day at Matumaini School run by the Salvation Army. The school is a home to 200 disabled children. The children are aged 7 – 15 years old pursuing their primary education. 

The school had its standard 7 graduation ceremony which graduated 28 students. The curriculum at the school is the same as all the other schools in the country. The teachers teaching at the school are from the government schools. The students are taught to read both English and Kiswahili.

The activity was graced by Chief Guest ZC Lion Lehrikant Shah, Personal Assistant to the DG Lion Rizwan, District Chairperson Lion Sara Qadri and District Convenor for Children Lion Pushpa Shah. The 2nd VP Lion Rabia and Convenor Lion Reshma both explained to the pupils and school management that Lions were happy to provide the necessary services that would bring smile to the children.

The children were excited to see the members. The kids sang to the songs and danced to it. The kids enjoyed the stories read out to them by Lion Sima Mittal. Football was the centre of attraction where the children enjoyed playing football in their field with the Lion members.

Pwani Club donated 500 books including encyclopaedias, story books, educational books and fairy tales, 200 exercise books and 200 pens for the children. 

In order to give the kids some time for recreation the club donated 2 footballs, 2 play station games, PowerPoint training DVDs, Printer, computer game, UNO cards and some toys for them to enjoy with. 

To provide their school with a colorful surrounding the club donated 2 paintings and 1 Peace Poster artwork duly framed. 

The club celebrated a Lion Reshma’s birthday at the school with the less fortunate and donated cake, biscuits and juices to the kids. Pwani thanked its donors for all the things that were donated in kind. The total cost of the activity was TZS 4,000,000.00.

The Children enjoyed and dispersed to their rooms with smiles on their faces. The club thanked Ms. Elizabeth Gainsford and Ms. Ann Christell for facilitating the activities. 

The School teachers thanked Convenor Lion Reshma Shah and her team for recognizing the needs of the children.

Report by Lion Reshma Shah
Pwani Club Secretary

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