Tuesday, 12 August 2014

1st Cabinet Meeting-6th September 2014 - Kampala, Uganda

Dear Lions,
This is to announce the 1st Cabinet Meeting will take place on 6th Sept. 2014 in Kampala Uganda.
All Region Chairmen, Zone Chairmen and District officers should prepare their reports to the first Cabinet meeting and send a copy in advance to the Cabinet Secretary not later than 2nd Sept 2014. After this date members should prepare and come with at least 50 copies for distribution to the Cabinet Meeting. Other details concerning the Cabinet meeting will be relayed to you in due course.

Once again, this is to congratulate each one of you upon your appointment to various Offices you hold and to appeal to you to do all in your power to steer our Sub-District 411B to a greater height!

Wishing you a fruitful 1st Cabinet meeting,

Yours Sincerely,
Robert Munanura

Cabinet Secretary

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tanzania Heart Baby Project by Host Club

Dear Governor,
Tanzania Heart Baby project was established way back in 1978. This has been ongoing project since then and has earned lot of recognition.
Lions club of Dar es salaam HOST heart project convenor Lion Dr. Rajni Kanabar and co-convenor Lion Shiraz Rashid with the help of Regency Medical Centre  launched a drive towards a mega heart screening project that commenced on 11th August to 12th August 2014 in Dar at Regency Medical Centre and on 13th and 14th in Zanzibar at Mmnazi Mmoja Hospital with the help and assistance of Paediatric heart surgeon Dr. Ashutosh Marwahh from Escorts heart institute - New Delhi, India.

Out of the screening, a total of 100 babies will be sent as one large group together with escorts with Emirates for heart treatments and surgeries to 3 hospitals in India namely:
  • Escorts heart Institute - Delhi,
  • Narayana Hrudhalayana - Bengalore,
  • CIMS Hospital - Ahmedabad.
Sponserers so far are :
  • Lions club of Dar es salaam HOST,
  • Regency Medical Centre,
  • Rodney Mutie Mengi Foundation,
  • Wama Foundation of Tanzania's First Lady, 
  • University of British Colombia - Canada and
  • Aforementioned Indian Hospitals.

The students of The University of British Colombia under the stewardship of Miss Malaika Kapoor scaled Mount Everest to raise funds for the heart babies and realised a total sum of US Dollars $ 25,000 that has been donated towards surgeries of 10 babies.
Second donation of another USD $ 25,000 comes from Dr. Kiran and Dr. Palavi Patel of Global Understanding Foundation, Florida USA that caters for another 10 surgeries.
We are still celebrating Tanzania's Union of 50 years with Zanzibar thus selecting 50 children from Zanzibar and 50 from Tanzania mainland.
On 9th August, we sent one child namely Giovani Saine who is 1 year and 4 months old for open heart surgery to India.
Governor it is our hope that this information and news with a plea will attract attention of 1.4 million Lions around the globe towards this huge humanitarian task undertaken by Lions Club of Dar es salaam HOST with its key members.

Best Regards
Lion Yusuf Dalal
Dist. Chairman Open heart surgery and heart awareness. 


The Lions Club of Amani received donation of assorted sizes 400 pairs reading glasses worth 600US $ donated buy Ms Nancy Stelzer and Ms Karen Reardon of USA. 

This donation was handed over on behalf by Lion Dev Mullican at Bawarchi Restaurant to the President of the Club Lion Dr Hussain Hassan in presence of Board Members on the 6th of August 2014.