Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The SIXTH of OCTOBER is the day on which Lions around the World celebrate the birth of Lions Clubs International. It is our day. A day to boast. A day to be proud of. A day to show the World by action, what Lionism stands for. For it this week in 1917, that our first convention was opened in Dallas Texas, USA, thus heralding the birth of Lions Clubs International.

October 6th is a day when Lions around the world join to show the world by example, the objectives of Lionism and ethical practices which we uphold, to be the very essence of that spirit which amalgamates us into the largest service organisation in the world. On this day we show our neighbours and community what Lionism is all about. 

This one singular day of service is not merely symbolic. It encompasses the many hundreds of good works that Lions routinely do for others - the difference is that while we perform these activities in October, we know we are working as one on behalf of humanity. Now is the time for every Lion to rededicate ones self by act, to those "Golden Rules" of humanitarian caring that bind us to the service, through fellowship, to our fellow being.

Your club can help by carrying out a project, either as a single entity or together with other Lion Clubs. Each project will be part of a global effort to promote the good of humanity. Every Lions Club is however independent in its efforts to serve. Clubs will be - donating blood to Red Cross, doing door knock appeals for Lions Medical Foundations, collecting old spectacles and donations for the "Sight First" campaign, visiting the elderly and the handicapped, cleaning beaches and creeks.

No matter which way your club chooses to celebrate World Lions Service Day, do it with the pride it deserves. For this is the one time when we can best illustrate to the world what Lions do, and what we believe in. 

Through your local press, radio or TV station, promote your project and show your community what Lions do every day of every week, throughout every country of our world. 

Let us show the world that Lionism really cares, and that Lions are willing and able to "create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world".

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