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DG with PCC Lion Polly at the Hotel they stayed at.

DG Standing before the Convention Centre

DG walking along the beach.
A Brief History of Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, which means "sheltered harbor" in Hawaiian, was first settled by the Polynesians, at an estimated 1,500 years ago. The Hawaiian people had developed a highly structured society by the time the first foreigners sailed into what is now Honolulu Harbor in 1794. 

In 1809, Honolulu became the location of the royal court of Kamehameha I, the person who conquered the Hawaiian Islands and established the Kingdom of Hawaii. This made Honolulu the center of trade with the west, and it would become the new capital of Hawaii in 1845. This would lead to Honolulu becoming more modern, with the influence of seamen, colonizers, adventurers, merchants, and missionaries from America and Europe. Immigrants from Asia would also influence the culture of Honolulu and Hawaii.

The last Hawaiian monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, was deposed by American businessmen and Marines in 1893, and the islands of Hawaii were annexed by the United States in 1898. Honolulu remained the capital, and was incorporated as a city and county in 1907. The United States began to develop Pearl Harbor, just west of Honolulu, in order to extend their sea power in the Pacific. The infamous attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7th, 1941, and afterwards it would become an even more important airport and seaport.

After becoming the 50th state in 1959, Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii experienced an economic and tourism boom, bringing rapid growth and, eventually, millions of visitors to the islands. Honolulu is still the capital and major trading center of Hawaii, and has become a very modern city with a strong tourism industry.

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