Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"A farmer who digs on a soft ground, reaches a time and heads back home..." says DG Lion Night

Fellow Lions,
The Lionistic Year of 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015 is coming to the end. There is a saying in my language “a farmer who digs on a soft ground, reaches a time and heads back home” It is on this note that I bid farewell to my role as District Governor 411B. 

I first and foremost thank the Almighty God for the gift of life and for enabling us to work together as a team in our prestigious District 411B. May His name be praised evermore.

In the same bid I thank the entire Lions fraternity of District 411B for the support given to me during my tenure as a servant leader. I am grateful to the District Governor's team, my cabinet officers, and District Officers. I also thank my sponsoring club, Kampala Host LC, for honoring me with the support from the time of my candidature, to date. 

I take this opportunity to thank my better half, IPCC, Lion Polly Ndyarugahi, and my family for having been there all the way.
Thanking cannot end and is hard to weigh, therefore I will keep thanking all those that have assisted in one way or another.

As usual, the human disclaimer, if any one was wronged, I apologise, and if any one wronged me, you are forgiven.

May we remain ever hungry to serving those in need, as there is no comparative joy than that of changing someone else's life positively. Remember to serve with care, as I shall continue to do so as an IPDG.

Yours truly in service,
Lion Night Ndyarugahi
District Governor 411B 2014-15

A one year journey co mint to a successful end.....

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