Thursday, 20 November 2014


Hello District Leaders,

For the Centennial Celebrations,a lot is expected of us.
I forward to you the tasks involved which we need to know and tackle as a team. There are already some clubs which have embarked on the meaningful activities.

Lets encourage more to  embark on them and report them as Centennial ones. Please log on: Lions Clubs International <lcicentennial@lionsclubs.org>

Thanks for the continued support.
Polly K. Ndyarugahi,IPMCC
District Coordinator Centennial Celebrations.

Dear Centennial Coordinators, 
For the past several months, we have been working with an outside consultant – The History Factory – to put together an overall plan that will explore our past, highlight our present, and focus on our future.  Highlights of the plan will be added to the tool kit section of the Lions100.org web site. 
The first phase of our centennial celebration – the Centennial Service Challenge - was announced at the International Convention in Toronto.   The service challenge is already well under-way, with many clubs reporting their activities via the service activity reporting system on the MyLCI portion of the LCI web site.  As part of your responsibility, please work with clubs to encourage them to participate and then  report their activities via MyLCI.  Reporting activities via MyLCI will allow LCI staff to calculate how many people are benefiting from our service, and will also be used to identify which clubs qualify for centennial service patches.   
The second phase - our Centennial Membership Challenge – begins April 1 st, 2015.  I will provide you with detailed information in my next communication. 
Currently, staff at LCI is actively working on centennial materials for your use on the local level.  Materials will be available in the toolkit section of the Lions100.org web site.  Materials will include videos, power point presentations, and 100 ideas for projects or activities local clubs and districts may consider.  Staff is also working on training modules to assist you.  The training modules, in the form of webinars, will be in place during the 1 st quarter of 2015.  The training will better prepare you to accomplish your goals and help you achieve success as a coordinator. 
Beginning July 1 st, 2015, centennial grants will be available to multiple districts.  Multiple districts may apply for a one-time grant based on a formula of up to US$1500 per district, but not to exceed US$15,000. Single districts (not part of a multiple) may apply for a one-time grant of up to US$2500.  Applications will be available on the Lions100.org web site after July 1 st, 2015.  Grants can be used to fund any centennial related activity. 
Your long-term goals should be to start working with clubs to plan meaningful centennial celebrations that reflect the overall theme "Where There's A Need, There's A Lion" and that enhance and underscore your local culture and traditions.  You should also start planning now for centennial celebrations at district and multiple district conventions during fiscal year 2016-2017, as well as at 2016/2017 area Forums. 
You will receive quarterly correspondence.  Your next correspondence will in January 2015, and will include a reporting document you can use to report ideas and activities taking place in your area. 
If you have questions or need further guidance regarding your centennial responsibilities, please contact LCI staff liaison Dane LaJoye at lcicentennial@lionsclubs.org.  This is a special email address established for centennial coordination.  
J. Frank Moore III 

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