Sunday, 26 October 2014


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1. The Campaign unfolded in July 2014. Project Coordinator Lion Abdul Majid Khan announced core team and members of the MRI Campaign in Tanzania.
2. Blog (mritanzania.blogspot.com) was set up to inform Lion members of the current events taking place.
3. Budget was approved for implementation of the exercise.
4. Meetings with Ministry of Health and Social Welfare were carried out in order to establish Lions role in the campaign. Ministry pointed out that they would include an integrated plan by providing medicines for de-worming and preventing Elephantiasis in adults.
5. Lions were asked to carry out Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation (ASSM) jointly with other stakeholders including GAVI Alliance, Red Cross, LDS Charities, UNICEF, US-AID and WHO. Guidelines for the exercise are established.
6. Lions carry out Orientation meeting to sensitise all Lion Convenors on 14th August 2014. Meeting takes place at Quality Plaza.
7. Lions are asked to sustain the programme at Regional Levels through ACSM education they received at the Orientation. Lions representation in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tanga, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Mwanza and Shinyanga confirm steadfast support.
8. IEC material, T-shirts, banners and funds are sent to all upcountry clubs and regions to ensure ACSM is carried out as planned.
9. Social Mobilisation was enhanced at regional level through Roadshows and Street Criers. Lions stick posters and give out fliers at street and house levels.
10. Billboards create awareness.
11. On 12th October Leos join hands to sensitization of affluent areas of Dar es Salaam.
12. All Lion Convenors meet Regional Administration Secretary, Regional Medical Officers and District Medical Officers and officials in their respective Municipalities so as to set up a joint effort.
13. Core team carry out media drive from 6th October by going public through Radio, Televised programmes and Newspapers.
14. MRI launch was carried out on 18th October at National Level in Dodoma by Minister of Health, Hon. Seif. Core team attends the launch and speaks to the august gathering on Lions role and support.
15. Launch in respective regions are carried out simultaneously. However, Dar es Salaam invites Dr. Mengi to officiate their Launch on 20th October.
16. Clubs all over the country provided a great support to the initiative.
17. Turnout recorded at all centres confirm a very good response. MOHSW promised to provide statistics after completion of the campaign on 24th October.
18. Full report will follow......

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