Sunday, 26 October 2014


In remembrance of 6th October, the World Service Day, Members of Lions Club of Kumi Central in demonstrating the objectives of Lionism  made a visit to Ocupo Lawrence an elderly Leprosy patient who is homeless and has lived at Kumi hospital for forty ( 40) years.

Ocupo is old and child less, he has no fingers, no toes and is totally blind, he cannot see and as a leprosy patient he is unable to fend for himself. Lawrence can however identify people he has known by their voices.

Despite his age and disability  Ocupo is affectionate with his elderly  wife who keeps and cares for him, they love each other and she is the one who identifies visitors for him. Despite their situation they were happy to receive the Lions.

The visit by the Lions was to promote the good of humanity and celebrate the birth of Lions Clubs International. Its the day for Lionism, a day Lions come out to help those in need.The Club gave Ocupo and wife some essential items that included sugar, soap and money among others.

Old age comes along with  suffering and difficulties in the lives of many people. In many instances the elderly can not fend for themselves. As they age up housing becomes a challenge and complicated illnesses take a toll on many.

Members of Lions Club of Kumi Central visited an old couple today. The couple do not have any descent housing for themselves, the roof top of their mud and wattle house is licking.  The old man is bed ridden and suffering from high blood pressure, he can hardly speak.

The members of Lions Club of Kumi Central appreciating the need to offer support mobilized and bought some ten(10) Iron sheets as  contribution to improve the housing status of the old couple.

Lions will always strive to reach out to those in need of help. There was no other better day to offer  this support  than today. Obele Yepusa is in the most difficult moment of his life as he is very sick and bed ridden, and we pray for Gods providence in keeping and sustaining his life at this difficult moment.
The state of the couple , housing situation and status of Obele  is shown in the pictures below including the support of Iron sheets the Club offered to the couple.

Report by 

Lion Johnson Opolot

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