Sunday, 8 March 2015


The 2nd Cabinet Meeting was held in Mwanza on 24th January 2015. 
The District Governor, Lion Night said that time was flying as we were now in the 2nd part of the Lionistic Year. She asked each club to review its goals in order to meet Lionistic expectations.
Se further mentioned that while efforts were being made to bring in more members, retention seemed to be another problem. Leadership and training of members needed more consideration and urged members to turn out whenever there was a call for training.

The Cabinet Meeting was preceded with Fellowship on 23rd January, followed by the Cabinet Meeting in the morning of 24th January. Training of Lions on CEP and My LCI was carried out by Lion Rizwan, Lion Edgar and Lion Mercy in the afternoon of the same day. Banquet in honour of the DG took place in the evening.

During the Cabinet Meeting, Lion Talib also presented his report on the forthcoming Convention to be held in ear es Salaam. He urged members tot urn out and get registered soonest.

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