Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Dear fellow Lions, nice Leos We are awaiting you in the Republic of Congo, in Brazzaville for the 20th African Conference in February 2015 in order to invigorate once again our friendship ties, to make a report of our activities, to get trained, to fix to ourselves new objectives and really live THE PEACE FOR THE SAFE GUARD OF OUR NATIONS. It is a pleasure to meet you in Brazzaville. As Africa is preparing to become a constitutional area, Lions of Africa must face a lot of challenges. Believe, the “report on the world development” by the world bank,out of the 40 less developed countries in the world, 29 of them are the ones from South Saharan Africa, which represents the three quarters out of the total number. Africa needs assistance in order to improve the living conditions of the most impoverished. In bringing their assistance in Health, Education, Environment, social issues…, Lions of Africa contribute to the eradication of poverty. Our big meeting in Brazzaville in 2015 will be a new opportunity offered to us lions in order to work on humanitarian issues and to build some strategies in order to eradicate poverty. This is a great time in our life of Lionnism in Africa allowing each of us to participate into our management, to better know it, to evaluate its capacity and its actions all over the continent, to meet friends from diverse sides who share the same commitment like us: SERVING Our continent is gradually moving towards the Constitutional Area and this is the occasion for us Lions of Africa to have decision-makers in the International Lions clubs Leadership. The former International President Barry Palmer, currently the International Lions clubs foundation was asking us to “pursue our dreams”. It is permitted to Lions of Africa to have dreams and to pursue this dream. To reach this objective we all must redouble our efforts for the growth of our numbers. Alphonse OBAMBI-ITOUA Chairperson of AAC 2015 Steering Committee MD403 Past Council Chairman

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